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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  July 15, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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[ technical difficulties ] it was tough, have a baby on the way. my daughter -- it's been difficult. >> today these hugs also came with smiles. >> john sergeant -- >> the fire chief called their names one by one. firefighters whose badges he was once forced to take away. >> congratulations. >> reporter: today he's giving them back. >> martin barrigan. >> reporter: martin says he did just about everything over the last year, wondering how to make ends meet. >> just doing landscaping on the side. just, you know, looking for work. painting people's houses, just doing -- doing what i could to get by. >> reporter: perhaps the toughest job was explaining to his 10-year-old why he couldn't wear the uniform anymore. >> you know, my daughter's real proud of me when i got the badge on the first time. >> reporter: the city mobilized. remaining firefighters gave up part of their pay and pensions, and then came money from the
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feds. a two-year grant from fema to help the laid-off firefighters. >> i tell you, the organization needs you, we're happy to have you here. >> reporter: so was this 10-year-old, happy because her daddy is a fireman again. and even though is only a two-year federal grant, everyone here hopes that through attrition these firefighters can keep their badges permanently -- and get this -- the other 27 laid-off firefighters got jobs elsewhere. so now san jose is hiring. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. new at 5:00, an update on a gruesome story out of the east bay. we now know the name of the woman whose body was found burning in the middle of a quiet street. the alameda county medical examiner's office says she is 21-year-old monica rores alferro of union city. her body was found yesterday on ivan hoe road in oakland's
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exclusive rock ridge neighborhood. she was most likely killed somewhere else, then taken to the rock -- the neighborhood and lit on fire. officers say the suspects probably chose the neighborhood just because it is secluded and dark during those hours. the streets of a popular east bay business district may be a little safer tonight. three months after the death of a community leader, oakland's fruitvail district is more equipped to watch out for crime. the city council purchased some 30 cameras to be installed inside and outside of local businesses that previously couldn't afford them. the effort to reduce the high level of crime in that fruitveil ar -- fruitvale neighborhood. the full access of the tapes will hold 30 days worth of footage. we're learning more about a crash that kill a ucsf driver of a shuttle bus to that collided with a big rig.
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it may have run a red light at the intersection of octavia and hayes yesterday morning. the crash killed dr. kevin mack. he's a 52-year-old ucsf psychiatrist and university profess sore. he was ejected -- professor. he was ejected and pinned underneath the big rig. he was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. families and friends said final good-byes at a funeral in santa rosa. the community shaken by the girl's death at a sleepover on sunday. police say she and three friends became sick after drinking vodka mixed with soda. initially the girls said they'd gotten food poisoning. raul was described as an excellent student due to start high school incomes mon-- next month. toxicology reports are expected next week. mark luga was arrested for allegedly stealing a pablo picasso drawing from the weinstein gallery in san francisco last week. the judge denied a motion today
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reduce his $5 million bail. police say a surveillance camera caught luga leaving with the painting. police found other stolen artwork including another picasso piece in luga's new jersey apartment. exactly how will they do it? a groundbreaking idea is now officially a law. california public schools will be the first in the nation to include lessons about the historical contributions of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transsexual community members in their social security curriculum. nbc bay area's traci grant is in san francisco to show us how some school districts will go about implementing that into the lesson plan. >> reporter: well, jessica, many of the exhibits on display here at the lgbt history museum in san francisco's castro district are not really the kinds of things you would generally see in a textbook. but that's about to change. >> by denying people their history, they never existed. and we've changed that at for
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the better. >> reporter: the state senator says the contributions made by the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual community throughout history will no longer be ignored in the classroom. governor jerry brown signed s.b. 48, the big leno authored, into law yesterday which requires all california's public school students to learn about things like these artifacts on display at the lgbt museum in san francisco. teachers will deliver lessons about lgbt history as part of the social studies curriculum. >> what we have been doing is censoring an important chapter of civil rights history. >> reporter: in a statement released yesterday, randy tho s thomason said, "jerry brown has trampled the parental rights of the broad majority of california mothers and fathers who don't want their children to be sexually brainwashed." leno says some people have misinterpreted this as being what people do in their bedrooms or as a way to out historical figures. actually, the curriculum will
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focus on the gay community's past and current struggle for civil rights. this is nothing new for san francisco where students have been taught lgbt history since 1992. rachel norton, a commissioner on san francisco unified school districts board of education, says the district developed its own curriculum that has been well received by students. >> i can't imagine that the state standards will be really at the end of the day particularly controversial. >> reporter: the law goes into effect in 2012, and the state board of education will have until 2015 to go through the long process of coming up with a curriculum and developing a textbook to distribute across the state. live in san francisco, traci grant, nbc bay area news. the cost of higher education in california continues to rise. this week trustees for both the university of california and the cal state systems voted to raise tuition, leaving many students
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concerned about how they're going to make ends meempt at san jose state university, the financial aid office is packed with students looking for help. the school's director of financial aid and scholarship says, though, there is hope. >> i would say call us. see the financial aid. call the people, call the office to find out what are your options, how do i do the research, what are the scholarships that are out there? how difficult is the financial aid? i know for a lot of people they look at it and say this is worse than filling out an income tax return. i'm not going to do it. you know, that's what we're here for, to help them through the process. to help them find that money. >> many students we talked with say they're looking into taking out more in loans and hoping to pick up more shifts at work to make up the difference in tuition. a swarm of angry bees have people living in one southern california neighborhood ducking for cover. neighbors in southwest riverside county say the bees have built large nests, and that exterminators are killing them but by the thousands. this labrador died after being stung so many times.
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the veterinarian actually lost count. exterminators say the main hive and queen bee need to be moved or killed if they want to stop the problem. a pacifica man who was caught in an endangered animal's taxidermy sting will serve six months in federal prison. james dixon admitted to selling taxidermy mounts through big game animals through craigslist. included a bald eagle that so sold for more than $2,000 that he sold to an undercover agent. he was sentenced and will serve time and pay restitution to the fish and wildlife service. as to where dixon got the endangered animals, that is still a mystery. president obama and republican leaders are taking a time-out. for the first week this time, both sides did not meet face to face to discuss raising the debt ceiling. instead, they aired their grievances on television. the biggest sticking point still -- tax hikes. the president wants them for america's wealthiest, but house republicans cannot backing down,
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insisting the government needs to cut spending instead. >> we are obviously running out of time. and so what i've said to the members of congress is that you need over the next 24 to 36 thundershowers give me some sense of -- 36 hours to give me some sense of what your position is. >> the reports have indicated that somehow republicans haven't given. now i just tell you that's not true. we are at $6.2 trillion. they're at $1.5 trillion. >> so this is part of the plan -- how republicans say they plan to vote next week on legislation which would allow more borrowing automatically if congress approves a balanced budget constitutional amendment. president obama says if a compromise is not reached by the august 2 deadline, americans could see interest rates on their loans shoot up. speaking of shooting up, we all know how airline fees are continually climbing, $5 for a pillow, $10 to jump the boarding line. soon airlines may have to report how much they are making off
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those fees. tonight the department of transportation is asking airlines to report their profit fees for snack,s, entertainment, and blankets for a few. airlines received more than $3 billion from baggage fees last year and more than $2 billion from the fees to change a reservation. now let's take a live look at the 405 freeway in los angeles. drivers are trying to get through in last few hours before the -- while the lanes are open before construction crews shut them down. the freeway is so vital. the shutdown is being called carmageddon. >> not a jerry bruckheimer movie. plus, how google's latest venture may be a little male heavy. and her love may not cost a thing, but the divorce probably will. new word tonight jennifer lopez and mark anthon recalling it quits. good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. another cool day across the bay area. temperatures about 20 degrees off the mark. i want to crush more cars.
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refund. despite its ten tony awards and glowing reviews, the show also closed four weeks early in chicago. many san francisco workers may not be benefiting from their company health care. but their employers certainly are. there's news tonight that more than 80% of the money that companies set aside for health care goes back into the boss' pocket. for some companies, it adds up to $200,000 a year. now, without that money, some employers say they'd have to lay off workers tonight. they are calling for a full board vote to review this loophole. oakland's clorox company saw its stock price store after it was to be bought by carl ike horn. he suggested rival firms should offer more, naming procter and gamble and palmolive as possible investors. he considers the oakland company undervalued.
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it's where the boys are. google's social networking web site is growing fast if not evenly. in just more than two weeks since its limited launch, google-plus has added nearly ten million users, but at least two companies tracking its user demographics say males make up 73% of the site's users so far. facebook, for example, nearly splits its 750 million users evenly with a slight edge given to the ladies. okay, you'll want to stay put this weekend right here in the bay area. you're going to love it here because drivers in los angeles are bracing for what's being called carmageddon. want to show a live look outside of the stretch of the 405 freeway. construction crews will shut down in just a few hours. lakers mayor villaraigosa is urging all drivers to stay away from the ten-mile stretch of highway telling people to walk, ride a bicycle, or leave the city for the weekend. even big-name celebrities like tom lanks using twitter to help
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-- hanks are using twitter to help get the word out. george lewis with a closer look at carmageddon. some people are calling it -- >> car-pocalypse. >> the movie stars are -- they'll all have to stay home this weekend. how is that going to happen? >> reporter: i think what we want is all of us want to come up to the bay area and join you guys because people are -- have been told to stay away from the stretch of the 405 freeway. that carries about half a million cars on the average summer weekend. and this weekend, it's going to be carrying zero cars, it will be completely shut down for 53 hours while they tear down the bridge behind me. they're going to do that bridge job in two sections. so once we've survived this weekend, we get to repeat the whole thing in 11 months. we'll be talking about that tonight on the nightly news at 5:30. >> all right. it's going to be crazy because the 405 is always a disaster all
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the time when you're on it. it's always packed. imagine beverly hills on one side, the brentwood on the other, it's going to be whacky. >> and jetblue was offering $4 from burbank to lax to fly you over the 405. >> thank you, george, good luck this weekend. >> reporter: okay, all right. thank you very much. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us now for all those people coming from l.a. to the bay area. who are going to spend the weekend. what are they going to see? >> yes, classic san francisco weather, not only in san francisco but for the bay area. yes, we're going to be under the cool blast here as we head throughout this upcoming weekend. 69 in pleasanton. we should be at 89 napa, 69, and 83 this time of year. i was driving on 101 -- the way to work, and i somehow traffic backups. i was thinking, well, this is nothing. carmageddon in l.a. is going to be a lot worse. the bay area is the place to be even though we've been dealing with the cloud cover and the cooler temperatures. it's not so bad. also here coming up on nbc bay
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area at 7:00, we do want to preview what's going to be happening. that is the san francisco giants right here on our air at 7:00 p.m. raj mathai and the entire comcast sports net team will be out here with full coverage. looking at partly cloudy skies, temperatures in the 60s. and a wind fairly light, westerly five to 15. once again at 7:00 p.m. otherwise, comfortable but cool for july standards. only 69 in livermore. 68 in napa, 66 in novato, and 60s down the peninsula and 70 currently in san jose. our weather headlines tonight do show yet again -- i wish i could just take this off here for some of you who are sick of the fog, but it's coming back. that could produce flight delays if you do have an early morning flights on saturday. for most of the weekend it's going to be that slow burnoff of the fog and then eventually some sunshine and temperatures in the 70s. this pattern is just so extremely stubborn, i haven't had to change this graphic in about four days. we're not seeing it sthift at all. the fog, the onshore flow stays
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with us for saturday and sunday. we'll have slight warming for sunday, but it's not going to be hot by any means. let's get a look as we head throughout tonight. there's the marine layer coming back. not only for the coastline but also for the east bay and down into the south bay for san jose, morgan hill, gilroy, and of course near santa cruz up into san francisco along the coast. at 2:00 p.m. tomorrow and saturday, if you want to get outside, do some shopping, head maybe to san francisco, even if you're headed to the wharf there should be some rays of sun to enjoy. 5 in san jose -- 55 in san jose. 48 in los dpats on. 52 in san rafael. for your saturday, 75 in morgan hill. 75 in evergreen. 71 in dublin. and for alamo also looking at low 70s. palo alto, 73. stanford, 72. also 72 in redwood city and 66 in san francisco. marauga, 69. orinda 72 with breezy conditions throughout the east bay hills. if you're doing any traveling in and throughout the caldecott tunnel from the east bay to the peninsula, watch out tomorrow.
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morningtime on cable -- when does it warm up? wednesday, thursday, and friday of next week with mid to upper 80s. coolest weekend. people are complaining on my facebook about having to pull out sweaters and jackets and, well, sorry, but it looks like tomorrow's going to be that kind of a day, too. >> yes. >> another hoodie day. >> hoodie yes. that sounds comfortable now. wish we could wear that to work. >> thank you. well, sadly, the third time is no charm for j. lo. she announces the end of her third marriage tonight. plus, we'll show you the power pop band that managed to draw 1,000 more peop more peopl downtown san jose than normally come to see music in the park. swipe your card please.
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it weekend's aids walk -- this weekend's aids walk san francisco is promising star power. cloris leachman, alan cummings, and michael urie from "ugly
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betty" will keep the 25,000 walkers mostvated. bait area has a long history in the fight against aids. this event has raised $74 million over its 25 years. organizers tell nbc bay area news that with the tough economy, community support is more important than ever. >> it's extremely important because we as in the very beginning when the government was so slow to respond, we can still rely so many compassionate and brave people to be out there and raising money and talking about this at their workplace and in their neighborhoods and schools, to get people to sponsor them and to raise awareness about the disease. >> you can still donate to a walker on line at and you're welcome to come and watch and cheer. she wasn't born that way and maybe that's what they're angry about. activists throwing eggs at lady gaga at a performance in sydney, australia, because they didn't like one of her stage props. for one of the musical numbers, ladies g&a dresses in a mermaid costume. at least in part of it.
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and then rolls across the stage in a wheelchair. the activists say it's insensitive to those who are forced to use wheelchairs. lady gaga is not the first to wear a mermaid tail while in a wheelchair. bette midler did it many years ago in her show "the divine miss m." well, jennifer lopez is back on the market again. lopez and her husband of seven years, marc anthony, have filed for divorce. it is lopez's third divorce. anthony's second. he was previously married to miss universe. the couple has two children together, 3-year-old twins, emmy and max. still to come tonight at 6:00, the bay area concert series bringing some big bands to you for free. nbc bay area news is on facebook. get weather updates, breaking news, and video of the latest big sries. like nbc. b are bon faca ebook now. iant somee
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